Bacton Wood harvesting works

Updated 5th March 2021

The Northern part of Bacton Wood has been identified as a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS). In accordance with the forest design plan, harvesting works will be conducted this spring to begin the process of returning this part of the wood to native broadleaf.

The area of dark, heavily seeding Western hemlock (Red) will be removed in one go and replanted with broadleaf while the other area of commercial conifer (Yellow) will be gradually thinned out over the next couple of decades with broadleaf regeneration encouraged to take its place. As heavy industrial harvesting equipment will be required, the car park and northern part of the wood will need to be closed for a short period of time to ensure public safety. Please follow all signs and directions.

We hope you will continue to enjoy this part of Bacton Wood once works have been completed.

Map showing forest works at Bacton Woods