The programme

Updated 22nd January 2019

Day one: camp craft 

Today is all about getting yourself settled in the camp - build your own shelter, learn basic fire lighting techniques and get to know the rest of the group.

Day two: fire craft

A day all about the art of fire lighting. Collect tinders, try friction fire lighting and make your own handle for a fire-steel out of antler.

Day three: Green woodworking

A day of whittling and woodwork.

Day four: basket weaving

A full day learning the timeless craft of basketry.

Day five: creative woodland crafts

Your last day in the woods will be spent getting creative learning traditional woodland crafts.

By the time your adventure has ended you will have made some charcloth, a leather tinder pouch, a firesteel with an antler handle, a tent peg, mallet, peg board, spatula and spoon, a willow basket, some cordage, some artist’s charcoal and a willow tension tray. You will also have had an amazing experience, gained new skills and made some lasting memories and friends.