Frequently asked questions

Updated 10th May 2022

I've done some bushcraft before. Is this going to be too easy for me?

Don't worry if you've already learnt some basic bushcraft skills. Many of our participants have been away to bushcraft camps before and come to us to develop their skills. If you let us know what other skills you're keen to learn, we can work with you to help you to achieve them.

What if it rains all week? Will the weather stop play?

We’re always ready for the weather and move under shelter if rain persists. Activity sessions can be moved into the yurt in poor weather and you would have spent time making your individual shelters waterproof. Our fire circle and kitchen area are under cover too.

Do I need any special kit or equipment?

If you have your own kit from your DofE Expeditions you will have everything you need. All the tools and equipment will be provided. For full details take a look at the Kit List.

All you need to do is bring your lunch for the first day. We will provide the food for the rest of the week which you will prepare and cook with the group. Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Will I have any free time in between the activities?

Yes. We’ve left time in the programme for you to explore the forest and see what else Sherwood Pines has to offer.

I have mobility issues.  Will the bushcraft site and activities be suitable for me?

The best way for us to understand your needs is to have a chat to discuss your circumstances. We can then work together to make any suitable adjustments.

I don't drive. Can I get to Sherwood Pines on public transport?

Yes. If you live locally you can get the Clipstone to Ollerton bus that stops at the entrance to the forest - it's then just a 10 minute walk to the forest centre. If you live further away, you can get a train to Mansfield and then get a taxi to Sherwood Pines.

How much will this Residential cost?

Our Bushcraft Residential costs £415. This includes all the materials for everything you will make whilst you are here and all of your food apart from your lunch on the first day.

My DofE group are all interested in giving bushcraft a go. Can we all come for a visit?

Of course. To have a go at some of our bushcraft activities just book a day with us. We will create a programme to suit you - just choose from our range of activity sessions. From as little as around £16 per person, this can be a great way of getting to know everyone in your team before your Expedition.