Harvesting operations at Blengdale

Harvesting operations

Updated 15th January 2020

There are currently some forest operations in Blengdale. We will be harvesting an area below Ponsonby Fell.

The operations are part of the approved Blengdale Forest Design Plan and we expect them to continue until April 2020.

Large sections of Blengdale are designated as continuous cover forestry. This is where a permanent growing stock of trees is maintained. This type of forest management is suitable for the more sheltered parts of the forest.

The part of the forest we are due to harvest is not stable enough for the continuous cover approach. We have opted for a clear fell method for harvesting this area, as this will help with the stability of the future trees that we plant.

We have conducted full wildlife surveys across the area as part of the planning for the works and we will continue to monitor all wildlife throughout.

We will have signage in place to show you where the work is taking place and which areas are closed for safety reasons. Please follow all signage you see and enjoy the remainder of the woodland.