King’s Garn Gutter Inclosure, near Fritham, starting 29 January 2021

Updated 29th January 2021

All of our forestry activities are part of a carefully managed programme and are carried out in accordance with the required permissions.

From February we hope to start gradually removing some conifer trees and opening up the canopy in this Inclosure to create a more natural, broadleaf woodland structure. This will be achieved through gradual thinning (removing some Douglas fir trees) and removal of Corsican pines to allow broadleaf trees to regenerate their seeds across the area, and make more open green space.

To keep everybody safe are temporarily closing the nearby car park from 8 February for 2 weeks. We’ll re-open the car park once tree felling close to the access road has finished.

Safety signage will be in place around the work sites and it’s important that people pay attention to signs for their own safety, that of others and dogs they may be walking.

The work is planned using our approved ‘Forest Plan’ and you can send your comments to

Felling map