New Forest - permission for skips and building materials

Updated 14th September 2018

If you are intending to carry out any works on your property, please consider the placement of any building materials as forward planning will help to protect the special Forest landscape.


Skips should always be positioned within the boundary of your property. If this is not possible, you will need to obtain a licence in advance from the Forestry Commission to place them on the Forest.

Building materials

Must be stored within the curtilage of your property; if this is not possible then a licence will be required for temporary storage of materials.

If a delivery is placed outside the property then please ensure all materials are removed from the Forest as soon as possible.  Any materials that spill onto the Forest must be cleared up promptly.

The New Forest is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest area (SSSI) and building material cannot be introduced to the eco system.

Please be mindful of where contractors park whilst work is taking place. Vehicles must not be parked on the Open Forest or verges as this will cause damage to the SSSI land which can take a long time

to recover. Any licences for skips or storage will be for a limited period only.

No licence will be issued for the parking of contractor’s vehicles.

Apply for a permission

To apply for a permit and find out more about costs involved please complete the application form or email  full details of what you are planning, along with your(including phone number and postal address) to: or please contact us on 0300 067 4601.