Proposals for Mortimer Forest

Updated 6th November 2019

Proposals for the Future – Mortimer Forest

In February 2018 proposals were introduced for Mortimer Forest at a series of public exhibitions.

The proposals involved working with one of our many partners, Forest Holidays, to enable us to deliver long term benefits for our existing visitors, for wildlife and the local economy through the creation of new overnight accommodation opportunities within a very small part of Mortimer Forest.

The plans, which are no longer being taken forward, would have been funded by Forest Holidays and included new public toilets within Vinnalls car park, a new design for a landscaped viewpoint at High Vinnalls, proposals to upgrade and replace the family-friendly natural play equipment at Vinnalls car park, new and enhanced trails, cabins and areas of ecological and habitat enhancement.


At the time we said:

“Forest Holidays have explained to us that they are not in a position to take forward a planning application for the cabin site at Mortimer Forest and we understand and respect their decision.

“If their planning application had been successful we had already explained to people how we wanted to make Mortimer Forest a better place for wildlife and for every visitor. Improvements included more native woodland, a new toilet, resurfacing the car parking and new play equipment.

“Without the cabin site and the money it would have brought us, we are not in a position either to make these improvements which is a sad loss to Mortimer Forest, people who visit and the wider local economy.”


Forest Holidays said:

“During our extensive research and consultation process we have encountered some challenging practical issues. As a result of these we are not in a position to bring forward a planning application for Mortimer Forest and will focus instead on our many other priorities.

We would like to acknowledge the professionalism and support we have received from local councillors and Planning officers.”


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