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Forest Safety

Updated 7th August 2018

Please be aware of Forestry Commission safety management processes

Organising a visit to the forest may feel a little daunting but by following our guides and understanding some of the systems we have in place will help to ensure you have a safe visit.

  • Visitor sites, waymarked trails, play areas, toilets and buildings are checked regularly by local Forestry Commission staff - issues and problems are highlighted and acted upon in appropriate timescales.
  • Smaller paths are not checked regularly, but when issues are noticed or brought to our attention, they are acted upon (e.g. a fallen tree or dangerous branch).
  • Forest operations (such as harvesting, conservation work) are clearly marked with signs which warn visitors not to enter areas where machinery is working.  Please ensure you follow all signs and keep to suggested alternative routes.
  • Hazards are made inaccessible, usually being marked with warning tape (e.g. a piece of faulty play equipment awaiting repair).
  • Sites may be closed if deemed unsafe due to weather conditions (e.g. ice and snow) – this will be indicated at the site entrance and updates provided on the website.  Alternatively contact the Forest Centre or local learning team the day before for further advice.