Some northern forests remain closed as Forestry England tackle storm Arwen damage

Updated 20th June 2022

The nation’s forests in the north of England have suffered significant damage from storm Arwen, particularly in Northumberland, County Durham, Lancashire, and Cumbria.

We have already seen the impact of trees de-stabilised from Storm Arwen creating further safety concerns from subsequent winds. Our teams are working hard to reopen trails and facilities as soon as it is safe to do so, in some areas this may take some time.

Wherever you are, be aware that there may be weakened and damaged trees making them unsafe. Please take extra care and avoid walking under any leaning trees or hanging branches.

The forests that are currently closed are: 

  • Blengdale Forest
  • Forests of Rothbury
  • Fourlaws
  • Harbottle
  • Harwood
  • Hepburn Wood
  • Hindhope Linn
  • Holystone Wood
  • Kew Woods
  • Kidland Woods
  • Nagshead Nature Reserve
  • Northcombe
  • Sidwood
  • Simonside
  • Slaley Forest
  • Swarland Wood
  • Thrunton Wood
  • Warksburn Picnic Area
  • Wooler Common

You can read further information here: Public urged to stay away