The Radiophonic Travel Agency - The Forest of Dean

The Radiophonic Travel Agency at The Forest of Dean
The Radiophonic Travel Agency, 2021 by Matthew Herbert

Take a trip into the Forest of Dean with a new episode of The Radiophonic Travel Agency.

Created by Matthew Herbert, The Radiophonic Travel Agency is a curated series of digital works that transports us to familiar and unfamiliar places across the globe simply through sound. These long form experiences will enable you to hear a wide range of sites and spaces, from a journey into a city to the uninterrupted real sounds of a forest.

This episode focuses on our relationship with nature, bringing to life the sounds of the Forest of Dean. The episode invites us to listen to how humans encounter and impact this special environment. Designed for listeners of all ages, this uplifting and engaging experience guides you into the Forest to experience its sound in a new way.

The Radiophonic Travel Agency is an ongoing project for The Radiophonic Institute - established through a long-term relationship with BBC R&D. The Radiophonic Institute was born out of the profound legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Led by inspirational composer, creator, and curator Matthew Herbert, The Radiophonic Institute  creates, connects and champions innovation in sound and music.


Presented by Forestry England

Location sounds from Dan Pollard

Ecologist at Greathough Brook - Kate Wollen (Forestry England)

Works Supervisor at Noxon - James Britton (Forestry England)

Satellite images - NASA

Director of the Radiophonic Institute - Matthew Herbert

Producers for the Radiophonic Institute - Hugh Jones and Sud Basu

Journey created by Dan Pollard

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