What to bring

What should I bring?

Please only bring items that are essential to your evening. Our security team will carry out bag searches. The less you bring the quicker it will be for you to enter the arena. There are ‘fast lanes’ for customers not carrying large bags at some of the arena entrance gates, please look out for the applicable signage.

Dress for the outdoors - bring something warm for later in the evening and bring a waterproof as we do not permit umbrellas in the arena. 

We encourage all customers to consider the environment and bring re-usable containers (please note no metal cutlery is allowed into the arena), to limit single use plastic. Folding chairs or blankets are permitted and insect repellent may be useful.

Who can use the ‘fast lane’ at the arena entrance?

Those who are carrying bags smaller than A4 size and who have no liquids. You are permitted to bring a chair through the ‘fast lane’ as long as any bag/cover is removed. Bringing fewer items will speed up entry to the arena for all. Please note, not all arena entrances have 'fast lanes' at them.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You are welcome to bring picnics, but please check the terms and conditions carefully as items including glass, tables, metal cutlery, breakable crockery and more are not permitted in the arena.

  • Flasks and re-usable metal water bottles are permitted and encouraged
  • Cans are permitted 
  • No more than the total of one litre of soft and/or alcoholic drink is permitted per person
  • Undiluted spirits are not allowed
  • Larger containers e.g. wine boxes are permitted when shared between a party, as long as this does not exceed 1 litre per person and all of the party enter the arena together

Which items cannot be brought into the arena?

Certain items are not allowed in the arena for both the audience and the artist's safety and comfort. It is essential that you check the terms and conditions for the complete list of prohibited items.

Prohibited items include:

  • Trollies
  • Umbrellas
  • Tables
  • Glass of any kind including bottles and jars
  • Breakable crockery
  • Metal cutlery

What about cameras?

Professional photography is prohibited. These items are not permitted: 

  • Tripods
  • Audio visual and video equipment 
  • Cameras with detachable lenses

Please note, on the night of the event, artists may make specific requests limiting photography. The security team's decision is final.

What is the smoking policy?

The Forest Live events are all open air and are not classed as enclosed spaces where it would be illegal to smoke or ‘vape. Whilst smoking and vaping is permitted, we would expect all our customers to behave responsibly and to be considerate to others customers.

What is the drugs policy?

Forestry England operates a ‘no drugs’ policy. You may be searched and anyone seen to be in possession of drugs or psychoactive substances / so-called ‘legal highs’, risks being ejected from the venue and reported to the police.

What will happen if I try to bring in a prohibited item?

At the entrance to the arena all bags will be searched by our security team. You will be asked to take any prohibited item(s) back to your car or to dispose of them.

We do not have facilities to decant drinks from glass bottles into paper cups as this increases the waiting time of other customers queuing to enter the arena.

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