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COVID-19 coronavirus - car park closures

Updated 30th May 2020

Thank you for your patience and support as we safely re-open as many car parks and other facilities in the nation’s forests as smoothly and swiftly as we can.   We are starting to re-open our car parks and some other facilities as and when we can do it safely. We will not open everywhere at once, so please check to see what remains closed below, before travelling. We will update this list at the end of every day - please note any changes will apply from the morning of the date listed below: 

The following car parks are currently closed from 30 May. 

South England: 

StatusForest County
Car park closedNew Forest - please click here for detailsHampshire

West England: 

Car park closedLeigh Woods Bristol
Car park closed

Cardinham Woods

Car park closedNew FancyGloucestershire
Car park closedWestonbirt, The National Arboretum Gloucestershire
Car park closedRoughtor Cornwall
Car park closedWhitcliffe, Mortimer ForestShropshire

Central England: 

Car park closedHorrocks FoldGreater Manchester
Car park closedRosliston ForestStaffordshire
Car park closedSilverhillNottinghamshire
Car park closedShining Cliff WoodPeak District
Car park closedGoyt ValleyPeak District
Car park closedLady CloughPeak District

North England: 

Car park closedBowness Knott car park, EnnerdaleCumbria
Car park closedKielder Observatory is closedNorthumberland