Frequently asked questions 


Where can I buy tickets from?
You can buy tickets for Christmas at Delamere Forest online here

Do I have to book in advance?
Yes, we recommend that you book early. Each timed entry has a limited capacity and the early evening and weekend slots are likely to sell out quickly.

Can I buy additional tickets?
Yes, subject to availability. If you require any additional entry admission tickets after placing your order please purchase these online as an additional transaction.  

Do I need to buy a car parking ticket to park at Christmas at Delamere Forest?
Yes, parking is limited and a parking space must be purchased in advance along with your trail entry tickets online. If you are planning to arrive by car, please ensure that your ticket includes a parking space. Please note that every 'Adult Trail Entry' or 'Family Trail Entry' ticket including a parking space that you select will give you an additional parking space.  Please ensure you select the correct amount of tickets with and without parking for your party.

Parking vouchers will be issued in advance with your trail tickets and must be presented on the night to be scanned (shown on phone or printed). Please follow all instructions from stewards on arrival.

As I have a membership for Delamere Forest, do I still need to pay for Christmas at Delamere Forest?
Yes, Delamere Forest members will require tickets to enter the trail. 
We are offering all Delamere Forest Members one free parking space, when booked in advance. Make sure that you are logged in to your membership account and purchase an ‘adult trail and parking’ ticket, our booking system will automatically change the price to a trail only ticket at checkout and allocate your free parking space.   

Car parking is usually charged at £8 per car. This offer for members is only available when booking via Forestry England. You must present a valid Delamere Forest membership card* on arrival.

*Membership must be valid when you purchase tickets and on the date of visit.  If you do not present a valid Delamere Forest membership card on arrival, you will be charged your for parking space.  

How/when will I receive my tickets?
Your E-Tickets will be attached to your confirmation email and must be presented on the night to be scanned (shown on phone or printed).

I bought tickets from Forestry England but have not received a confirmation email. What should I do?
Please check your Junk / Spam folders as sometimes the confirmation email falls into these folders. If you still have not received your confirmation email, you can log into your account here to re-print your confirmation email and e-tickets, or for further assistance contact

Is my ticket for Christmas at Delamere Forest valid for entry during the daytime?
Your ticket for Christmas at Delamere Forest is only valid for the evening and will only allow you access to the trail at your selected time.

How can I organise a group visit and is there a group rate?
There is a group rate of 10% off for groups of 15+ adults. Please email See Tickets Groups: Group discounts are not available to book online and apply to adult tickets only.

All customers are reminded to be aware of the latest government legislation when visiting the light trail. Please be mindful that legislation may change between time of booking and day of your visit.

We will be arriving by coach, do we need to reserve a coach parking space?
Yes, there is space for 2 coaches per evening. Coach parking is charged at £20 per coach and must be booked in advance by emailing See Tickets Groups on

Christmas Light Trail

How long is the trail?
It will take approximately 90 minutes to walk the trail. The trail covers a distance of approximately 2 miles and includes some undulation. Please be aware that the forest path network is not tarmac and will follow the natural contours of the landscape so paths can be steep at times.

Are dogs allowed on the trail?

We love dogs and welcome thousands to the nation’s forests daily. We are anticipating large visitor numbers to this after dark trail and so for the safety and enjoyment of all, dogs will not be permitted unless they are guide dogs or assistance dogs.

Is the trail dark or covered?
The trail is not covered and all visitors are reminded that this is an outdoor illuminated trail and the weather may be inclement. Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for winter.

We reserve the right to refuse inappropriately clothed patrons access to the walk, if it is felt they are open to greater risk of injury.

In some areas the lighting will be low level as this is part of the experience. We do encourage visitors to bring along a torch in case of an emergency – this should not be used unless it is necessary.

If I am delayed and miss my slot, can I join a later slot?
We will try and accommodate you on the next available slot within the trail operational hours on the day.

What are the last entry times?

Last entry will be at 7pm on the following days:

  • Sunday 27 November 

Last entry will be at 7.15pm on the following days:

  • Saturday 24 December
  • Monday 26 December - Saturday 31 December

Last entry time will be 8.15pm on the following days:

  • Friday 25 November - Saturday 26 November 
  • Friday 2 December - Sunday 4 December
  • Friday 9 December - Sunday 11 December
  • Wednesday 14 December - Friday 23 December

What time does the illuminated trail finish?
All customers must exit the car park no later than 2 hours after the last trail start time or by 10pm (whichever is earliest).

Can I bring my drone?
Drones are not permitted.

Can I take photographs?
Yes, you are welcome to take photographs and to share these on social media with the hashtag #ChristmasAtDelamereForest. You can also follow the developments across our Delamere Forest pages on Facebook and Instagram.

How much are Ride Tokens and what rides will be available?
Each token is priced at £2.50 and sold in multiples of 2. Single tokens will also be available to purchase on the night on-site.

We will have two traditional fairground rides for children (age restriction of 2-12 years old): swing boats and a children's toy ride. We advise you to only pre-purchase if the age requirements are met.

Access Provisions

What provision do you have for guests with access needs?
The trail will be created to be as accessible as possible within the context of the natural site of Delamere Forest. The route is all on pre-existing pathways and the lighting trail is designed so all elements can be viewed from the pathways. 

There are accessible toilets for visitors with disabilities and access needs. A changing places facility is available at the start and end of the trail. Family toilets with baby changing facilities are also available.

Do you have accessible parking for visitors with disabilities?
Accessible spaces for Blue Badge holders are available in the Visitor Centre car park. Please note that these spaces are limited and must be purchased in advance.

Is the trail accessible for wheelchair users?
Due to the natural landscape the trail includes some gradual and steeper slopes. Paths can be uneven in places and none of the paths are tarmac.

Wheelchairs are accommodated but discretion is needed as the trail may not be suitable for all aids. Wherever possible stewards will assist but this cannot be guaranteed.

Can wheelchairs be provided?
Wheelchairs will not be available to hire on site.  Please make arrangements prior to your visit

Can I bring my mobility scooter or can mobility scooters or trampers be provided?
Mobility scooters and trampers will not be available on site. You are welcome to bring your own but please ensure it is fully charged prior to your visit.

Am I eligible for a free personal assistant ticket?
Where an adult or child requires assistance to attend the illuminated trail because of a health condition or disability and is in receipt of any of the following benefits, they will qualify for a free personal assistant ticket:

  • Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component);
  • Attendance Allowance;
  • Personal Independence Payment (daily living or mobility component). 

Unfortunately, a Blue Badge cannot be accepted as proof of a health condition or disability. Personal assistants should be 16+.

I need more than one personal assistant, what should I do?
If you require more than one personal assistant, please email You will need your Booking Reference Number at hand.

Is there a ‘quieter access’ session?
Yes. These sessions are for adults and young people, with additional needs, who would love to experience Christmas at Delamere Forest without the usual high volumes of people. The sessions will begin at twilight before the illuminated trail opens to the public, making the transition into the dark much easier. For Christmas at Delamere Forest 2022, these will be held at 4pm on Friday 2 December and Tuesday 20 December. 

The capacity of these sessions will be limited to ensure that the trail remains less crowded and more relaxed.

It should be noted that the forest path network is not tarmac,  and although there are stewards along the route to assist you, the trail will follow the natural contours of the landscape and paths can be steep at times.

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters and trampers will not be available to hire on site, so please make any necessary arrangements for these prior to your visit. They are accommodated but discretion is required as the trail may not be suitable for all aids. Stewards will assist where possible but this cannot be guaranteed.

Ticket prices for our quieter sessions are consistent with the rest of the illuminated trail, with personal assistants entering for free. To book these sessions please click here.

Food, Beverage, Retail and overnight stays

Can I purchase food and drink on site?
There will be a number of seasonal food and drink offerings serving hot, hand-held food. Catering for younger visitors and certain dietary needs will be available. Hot drinks will also be on offer. Visitors can toast marshmallows at one of our purpose-built fire pits. Separate charge apply for all food and drink options. 

Sadly you cannot bring your own food onto the trail, but we’ve done our best to make sure there’s something for everyone.

What shopping facilities are there?
There is no gift shop at Delamere Forest.

We will be staying at Forest Holidays during this event. Will we be able to get to it on foot from Forest Holidays or will we need to drive. Which tickets should we purchase?
The Forest Holidays site is located approximately 2.5 miles on unlit forest trails from the Visitor Centre where the illuminated trail will start and end, we’d advise that driving would be the better option. Should you decide to walk, the trails are well surfaced and wide but we’d highly recommend a torch and suitable footwear.

Cancellation, Exchanges and Refunds

What will happen if the weather is bad? Will the trail be cancelled?
Christmas at Delamere Forest is an outdoor illuminated trail. If the weather presents a hazard and a risk to safety, any decision to cancel the illuminated trail will be taken by 2pm on the day of the illuminated trail. You will be notified by email and you will be informed of the re-booking process. We advise you to check the website before you travel for the latest updates.

If I am unable to attend on a different day, can I get a refund?
If the illuminated trail is cancelled in line with the cancellation policy and ticket holders are not able to attend an alternative night offered, then a refund will be offered. We can also offer tickets for the following year. The transaction fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

I have booked for the wrong day – can I transfer over to another day?
No, we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds once tickets have been purchased.
Customers are kindly reminded when booking online to make sure that they have chosen the right date and time slot.

I have lost my ticket, what can I do?
If you booked with Forestry England and your tickets are lost or you require your E-Tickets to be re sent to you, please contact stating your booking details including your reference number, please note this will render your original tickets invalid.

Sustainability & Ecology

Light Pollution
The trail will be architecturally lit by experienced lighting designers who have developed sensitive ways of working in heritage and landscape settings.

Responding to the natural darkness of the site is key to the success of the illuminated trails. The best visual work is sensitive to light “competition” and the brightness of one light source relative to another. We therefore take advantage of the environmental darkness to reduce the overall brightness of our lighting interventions and allow ample space within our audience experiences for people’s eyes to attune to the darkness, then to allow them to appreciate the sights and sounds of the natural environment as a contrast to, and context for, our artistic efforts. We try to avoid continuous lighting of trails and paths, and will only use audience area lighting where it is absolutely necessary for reasons of public safety.

Noise Pollution
Sound installations are created to provide atmosphere and a sense of feeling for an installation. All sounds are targeted and specific to a part of the route and are therefore contained within defined spaces, therefore there is no noise pollution over and above the natural sound level created by the presence of audiences on the trail.

Fuel Usage
Fuel for power generation is kept to a minimum by efficient use of power loadings and low wattage lighting units where appropriate.


  • Consideration for the illuminated trails sustainability has been built into the planning process for the delivery of the illuminated trail, the end result of which we hope will be to inspire and engage new and existing visitors.
  • The trail designers, Culture Creative Ltd, have been appointed on the strength of their experience of working in environmentally sensitive ways in heritage and landscape settings. 
  • Specific attention is given to power, and where possible we use mains power. Where generators are needed, these are carefully specified and operated to ensure the most efficient fuel usage. Low wattage lighting units are used where appropriate on the trail.
  • Culture Creative Ltd’s design ethos is to take advantage of the environmental darkness to reduce the overall brightness of their lighting interventions, whilst maximising the effects of their artistic efforts.
  • Continuous lighting of trails and paths will be avoided, and we will only use audience area lighting where it is absolutely necessary for reasons of public safety.
  • Care is also taken to ensure that we are considerate of our neighbours who live in the immediate area.

The illuminated trail will not be open every night and its impact must be considered both from the standpoint of the venue itself and in relation to surrounding sites. 
The venue is carefully vetted to ensure that the trail will not have undue impact on the local flora and fauna.

In order to assess the likely impact of the illuminated trail both a desk study and workaround surveys are conducted on each site. The route proposed for the trail, is walked and checked on a regular basis with horticultural staff from the venue, this is an ongoing process and will be constantly checked as the design of the illuminated trail progresses.

General Comments
The illuminated trail is planned and installed, by private company, Culture Creative Ltd. Culture Creative Ltd specialise in illuminated trails of this kind which are often in sensitive venues with high biodiversity and important historical heritage. Its staff have valuable experience in minimising any negative impacts which might be anticipated and work with venue staff to meet and resolve any concerns which arise.

The duration of the illuminated trails spans to the autumn/winter period, the time of year in which there is least wildlife activity. Many protected species such as bats and amphibians should be hibernating. These are unlikely to be affected unless the illuminated trail passes directly over their hibernation sites. The earliest bird nesting activity is to be expected from February onwards but all the equipment will have been removed well before then.  In addition it is open for a maximum of six hours only each night. These restrictions on the open nights and times will reduce any impacts upon wildlife particularly as outdoor events take place at the venue regularly and resident wildlife has adapted to the existing level of disturbance.

Lighting Trail
Generators used on the route are very quiet and will be inaudible from the trail and from any wildlife habituation.  The power will be carried using cabling which has been used previously in sites with wildlife populations with no adverse effects.  Much of the lighting will be floor based to highlight trees. The trees form part of the cultivated collections at each venue and their welfare is paramount as part of the planning of the illuminated trail.

Where possible routes will be on hard surfaces i.e. paths. They pass through areas which are well-walked by visitors daily and will not take in any sections of grass with sensitive wild floras.

Sound and lighting installations surrounding trees or on areas of water where a number of birds have the potential to roost are modified and designed to minimise any potential for damage to birds.

Reptiles and amphibians
There should be no impact from the illuminated trail upon reptiles or amphibians as they should be hibernating away from the water at this time of year.

Every care is taken to ensure that any potential bat roosting holes in trees are not lit directly to avoid any potential disturbance during the bat hibernation season.

Please help us to keep the forest clean and tidy by putting litter in the bins provided. Where possible, please reuse any disposable items and keep waste to a minimum. Our caterers will be happy to refill any reusable water bottles.

Our illuminated trails are small, tightly contained, and open for limited hours at a very dormant time of year. It is perceived that we do not foresee any adverse effect on wildlife. 

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