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Events at Beechenhurst - Beechenhurst

In this new audio-visual experience, we invite you to step into the forest and explore the inner world of the trees.

An atmospheric soundscape, feathered, pink botanic, by acclaimed artists Jez riley French and Lau Nau will immerse you in a hidden world, revealing microscopic vibrations and secret sounds inaudible to the human ear.

Discover the sounds of Beechenhurst’s trees, plant life, soil and insects. Listen deeply to how the forest interconnects and allow the sounds of nature to transport and stimulate your senses.

Combined with lighting by leading artist Ulf Pedersen, The Secret Sounds of Trees invites you to experience Beechenhurst in a totally new way.



The Secret Sounds of Trees is commissioned and produced by Sound UK.
Funded by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation.
In partnership with Forestry England.