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Events at Dalby Forest - Dalby Forest

Are you prepared for the burn...? 

A 5km forest loop starting on the hour, every hour. For ten hours!

In the forest depths how long can you go before time catches you? Are you ready for the Roots of all evil? Can you handle No Worries hill? 

This is an event for all levels of fitness - one in which you can really challenge yourself to go further than you normally would, whether you'd be aiming for two laps or all ten.

Last year over 80% of runners completed all 10 laps.

And if you've ever wanted to own the kudos of an ultra marathon, then this is your chance to try in a supportive setting - managing all 10 laps is 50km; an ultra is anything over 42.195km!


The fee includes entry to the event, an event exclusive buff, free entry into Dalby Forest (usually £10 per vehicle), plus two nights camping on the Friday and Saturday night - and you're welcome to bring a friend or your family along too to support you (they can camp too). It's designed to be both social and challenging, and a great outdoor adventure weekend to look forward to!