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Events at Grizedale - Grizedale Visitor Centre
Free event for on 4 & 5 December

Grizedale Forest Makers are coming together for the first time this year to put on a Festive Winter Fair from their Studios on ‘Makers Row’ at Grizedale Forest Visitors Centre.

A printmaker, potter, basket weaver, rustic furniture maker, painter of giant plant pots & musical instrument restorer will be displaying their specialist crafts plus Christmas themed gifts and decorations for sale.

Unified in their creativity & their connection to the forest, the makers live in or close to Grizedale. A strong bond with the woodland and its trees runs through much of the work, with specialisms in tree printing, weaving of Oak & Hazel, ‘Bark on’ rustic furniture & celtic forest imagery.

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees available from Grizedale café.
Nordmann fir trees have strong branches and an even shape. Glossy, dark green needles with a whitish/ blue underside and excellent retention of the broad, soft needles.