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Events at Sherwood Pines - Head for the visitor centre

We're happy to host an MTB Masterclass session this school holiday from Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy.


The day will be split, we'll start onsite not to far from the forest café.. Led by our expert coaches, we'll use a mixture of the natural terrain, woodland & our ramps & kit to work on some key skills and develop off-road techniques. Think bunny-hops, manuals, wheelies, weight distribution, cornering, gear selection, starts, etc. Our ramps and see-saws are brilliant for testing out & the riders balance and weight distribution in a fun engaging way. We’ll also create some competitive scenarios and see how our skills stand up under the pressure of race conditions.


Then after a short break for lunch, we’ll move location by riding straight onto the trails and tracks that makes Sherwood Pines so unique. This will give riders the opportunity to put the newly acquired skills to the test and develop them further over a wider range of terrain in the real world. Finally once the skills have been tested and honed out on the trail we'll return to the grass fields nearby the café and finish the day with some friendly competition to ensure riders have the chance to use up any remaining energy and test their skills one final time.


All in all our MTB masterclass promises to be an action-packed day of skills & competition-based fun.