Take part in Serenity Yoga's sessions in the forest

Come along to Serenity Yoga in the forest to release, relax and restore. This is a space for everyone to enjoy yoga, free from judgement and suitable for any level.

Be prepared to experience the dappled sunlight through the trees upon your skin, the sound of bird song all around and the as a breeze in your hair. Leave class feeling both cocooned in relaxation, warmth and meditation and yet exhilarated by the great outdoors.

Due to COVID-19 these sessions have been adapted to become ‘walking yoga’ where the activity is a pleasant walk combined with stops to execute yoga movements.

Activity information

High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Brandon, IP27 0AF
£8 drop in, £40 for 6 or £65 for 10
Alternate Saturdays, 9am to 10am
Booking essential