Help stop the spread of coronavirus. Stay home, stay safe – please do not come to our forests - Read our COVID-19 guidance
Diversion to the 10km running route in place from Monday 3 Feb. The last leg of the route will rejoin and follow the Pink 5km markers, due to forest operations in the area - Keep up to date on our Facebook page

Running trails at Mallards Pike Lake

The trails provide a chance to escape stuffy gyms and get out into the fresh air, with varying distances from 2km to 10km routes they offer the opportunity to get fit in stunning natural surroundings.

Supported by Sport England and using National Lottery funding, the network of marked trails make running through the forest more accessible, so you can feel confident to just hit the trails and enjoy all the benefits of being active outdoors.

To help you plan your work out, purchase a pocket sized trail running guide from the cafe. 

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Running trails at Mallards Pike Lake

man running in forest trail
10km Running Route
couple running through the forest
2km Running Route
adults on a run on a woodland trail
3km running route at Mallards Pike Lake
Running on a dog friendly trail
5km running route at Mallards Pike Lake
Mallards Pike parkrun startline
parkrun at Mallards Pike