Silk Wood project audio description

Check the signs and barriers

We hope you enjoy your visit today, but please be mindful that due to the work to maintain the future of Silk Wood, there may be areas that are closed off.

Please take care to follow all signage and not to cross any barriers in place, as these areas are closed off for your safety and for the safety of the tree management team.

Check the yellow map or ask at the Welcome Building for the most up to date information on which area is closed off.

Photo shows a harvester amongst a forestry timber plot: an area which is full of evenly spaced straight pine trees, some with green lichen on. The harvester is a large piece of machinery which has an orange cab where the operator is sitting, atop two caterpillar treads to get through the brash. The arm of the harvester is out and the end is gripping a log which is has cut.