Silk Wood project audio description

Impact on the UK landscape

Chalara ash dieback is expected to cause big changes to our landscape with the potential loss of 60–180 million ash trees across the UK.

Some key statistics include:

  • 12% of broadleaf woodland in the UK is ash.
  • There are around 60 million ash trees outside UK woodlands.
  • Ash dieback is expected to affect 95% of ash trees in the UK.
  • 955 wildlife species associated with ash will lose their ash habitat.
  • £15 billion is the potential cost to the UK economy due to ash dieback.
Photo shows a Eurasian bullfinch, a small bird with a red-orange breast, and wings that are grey at the top, turning into dark blue at the bottom. The crown of the bird’s head is also a dark blue, and it sits on a small branch looking from a side angle towards the camera