Silk Wood project audio description

A positive future

Despite the dramatic change to Silk Wood, we are managing the situation to ensure a healthy, diverse and resilient woodland in the future.

Our management stages are as follows:

  1. Monitoring: We have been monitoring the development of ash dieback at Westonbirt since 2015, alongside experts.
  2. Tree removal: 2019 – 2020 saw the removal of infected trees in visitor zones, tree showing tolerance were left.
  3. Tree felling: In 2021, large areas of infected ash species will be cleared. There will also be areas of non-intervention, to monitor and research.
  4. Replanting: After a ‘fallow’ period of 2-3 years to allow the soil to recover, we will start replanting with woodland species.
  5. Ongoing research: Westonbirt is a priceless research collection for tree experts. We will continue to monitor and share knowledge with other woodland managers and experts.
Photo shows a Westonbirt staff member doing tree checks, on a grassy woodland ride that is surrounded by brash and hazel trees, with ash trees in the distance. He is carrying a walking stick and orange tape, and pointing to the left hand side of the path.