Westonbirt Arboretum summer play trail - panel 3 text

Take a deep breath

Updated 21st June 2023

Trees help us without us even knowing!

Remember when trees were the perfect play partners for hiding?! Why not reacquaint yourself by playing a game like 40-40, or escaping from others with the help of your favourite tree. Not only will the trees provide the perfect safe spot to hide, but they will also give health benefits without you even realising…

Play your way to peace

Trees produce a wonderful concoction of essential oils called phytoncides and terpenes. This is to attract pollinators and protect themselves from harmful bacteria and insects. Luckily for us, breathing in these compounds literally changes our hormonal responses from adrenaline to happy hormones, therefore reducing anxiety and stress and encouraging calm and peace.

How to play 40-40

Choose a tree to act as a ‘base’ and choose someone to be ‘It’. ‘It’ must stay at base, close their eyes and count to 40 whilst everyone else finds a place to hide. Once ‘It’ opens their eyes, they can go and look for the players. If they see a player they must run back to base and shout ’40-40 I see [name]’, before the player seen gets back to base. The aim is for players to reach base without being seen by ‘It’, and once they are back they must shout ’40 40 home’!