Wild Wonder at Westonbirt - Saturday 27 August

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A book cover showing the words it's a wonderful world

It's a Wonderful World with Jess French

Sat 27 Aug
10am - 11am
£9 per child and per adult attending
Jess French shows us the importance of the diversity of plants, animals and environments in our world and how to protect them. Jess is best known for her CBeebies show Minibeast Adventure with Jess. Ages 7+
A woman with brown hair tied back with a red headband lies on the floor of a forest with a book in her hand called Twitch

M G Leonard

Sat 27 Aug
12pm - 1pm
£9 per child and per adult attending
Bestselling author and keen amateur birdwatcher, M. G. Leonard explores the fascinating world of birds through her bestselling books Twitch and Spark. There’ll be bird-spotting tips and a chance to take The Twitcher’s Oath… if you dare! Ages 8+
A book cover called Dara McAnulty Wild Child. A bright cover of turquoise, and pink. the i of wild child is a cartoon of a child holding a dandelion.

Wild Child: Dara McAnulty

Sat 27 Aug
2pm - 3pm
£9 per child and per adult attending
Superstar naturalist Dara McAnulty talks about his experiences with nature and his work as a young activist. Zoologist Jess French asks the questions. Ages 7+
a book cover with the words escape to the river sea

Escape to the River Sea with Emma Carroll

Sat 27 Aug
4pm - 5pm
£9 per child and per adult attending
Beautiful and full of adventure, Escape to the River Sea by Emma Carroll is a compelling new novel. Join Emma as she tells you all about her story. Ages 9+
A book cover called the secret wild. A cartoon image of a girl holding a plant in her hands looking up at London attractions covered in plants.

The Secret Wild with Alex Evelyn

Sat 27 Aug
10am - 10.45am
£8 per child and per adult attending
Join Alex Evelyn for an exciting botanical adventure and storytelling journey into…The Secret Wild. Packed with amazing plant facts, Alex will help you design your very own plant Superhero. Ages 8+
A book cover called wolf bane. A silhouette of a wolf sits on a mountain.

Michelle Paver

Sat 27 Aug
12pm - 12.45pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Join Michelle Paver in the Stone Age world as she reveals the myth, menace and magic behind her bestselling Wolf Brother series. Ages 9+
A book front cover saying who makes a forest. A watercolour image of trees, deer and a family walking.

Who Makes a Forest?

Sat 27 Aug
2pm - 2.45pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Who makes a forest? A wizard, a giant, an emperor? Author Sally Nicholls knows! Join her as she takes a walk with Grandpa in her new book to discover how a forest is made. Ages 4+
A cover of a book saying Darwin and Hooker. Cartoon image of 2 men studying plants.

Darwin & Hooker: Friends of Nature

Sat 27 Aug
4pm - 4.45pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Alexandra Stewart and Joe Todd-Stanton retell the inspirational story of two friends, Charles Darwin and Joseph Hooker, who changed how we think about the Natural World forever. They might even help you change the world! Ages 7+
A cartoon image of the Gruffalo - a fictional creature with 2 spikes coming out of his head, wide orange eyes, brown fur, a green wart on his nose, a big long tooth, and purple spikes running down his back

Storytime with The Gruffalo

Sat 27 Aug
10am - 10.40am
£6 per child and per adult attending
Come along to this fun-packed event for our youngest bookworms. With storytelling and activities inspired by the best-selling book and a special guest appearance from The Gruffalo himself! Ages 3+
A book cover called Lifesize baby animals with a cartoon image of a baby monkey

Lifesize! with Sophy Henn

Sat 27 Aug
11.30 - 12.15pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Join bestselling author and illustrator Sophy Henn for a journey through her amazing Lifesize and All Kinds Of book series. This fun-packed, informative, interactive event, includes a draw-along and Q&A. Ages 6+
A book cover with the words one million insects. Cartoon insects of all shapes and sizes cover the book

One Million Insects

Sat 27 Aug
1.30pm - 2.15pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Meet Lou Baker Smith, illustrator of One Million Insects for a session workshop about the most important animals on Earth! Make your own insect creations with scraps and other recycled materials. Ages 7+
A book leans against a green wall - the book cover says slow down

Slow Down

Sat 27 Aug
3.30pm - 4.15pm
£8 per child and per adult attending
Join author Rachel Williams as she helps you slow down and appreciate the natural world around you. With readings and activities from the best-selling Slow Down series. Ages 5+
A book cover saying What do you see when you look at a tree? A painting of a large tree with a girl stood below.

Nature Drawing Workshop with Emma Carlisle

Sat 27 Aug
1pm - 2.30pm
£16 per child. Adults do not need to accompany children during this event
Explore the trees and the plants around us with Emma Carlisle, illustrator of What Do You See When You Look At a Tree? This is a practical and interactive session around creating imagery of the natural world. Ages 7+
A book front cover. A cartoon of tree branches with a girl reading a book laid out on the branch.

Talking To Trees with Natasha Farrant

Sat 27 Aug
3pm - 3.45pm
£8 per child. Adults do not need to accompany children during this event
Join award-winning author Natasha Farrant for this interactive session about the inspiration behind The Girl Who Talked To Trees. Make your own tree of words and pictures. Ages 7+