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Terms and Conditions

Updated 2nd August 2019

1. Forestry England By-laws must be observe and any contravention of the condition of issue of this ticket may result in prosecution.

2. The permission holder will indemnify the Forestry England against all or any claims arising out of the exercise of this ticket.

3. Members of the public enter Forestry England land and buildings entirely at their own risk on the understanding that they will have no claim whatsoever against Forestry England for any loss, damage or injury howsoever suffered or caused.

4. This ticket must be produced upon request to any Forestry England officer who may require the barbecue to be extinguished if conditions are considered dangerous.

5. No natural vegetation to be taken from the forest for burning on the barbecue.

6. Cooking must be confined to the barbecue hearth provided.

7. The named ticket holder will be the responsible person for the control of the barbecue, overall supervision of the proceedings, for the supply of charcoal and utensils and for the removal of rubbish.

8. The site must be left clean and tidy to the satisfaction of Forestry England.

9. All litter must be taken away and disposed of properly. No bags of rubbish may be left at the barbecue site or by the side of the bins.

10. Hot coals must be left to cool naturally in the hearth.

11. The function is to be conducted in such a manner as to cause no offence to any persons lawfully and peacefully using the forest.

12. No loud or amplified music is permitted in the forest. Lighting generators or other powered equipment are not allowed unless prior permission has been granted.

13. No portable barbecues, disposable barbecues, fires or camp stoves whatsoever are allowed within the forest.

14. Small gazebos are allowed. No party sized tents.

15. Bouncy castles and some other large items of entertainment are not allowed. If in doubt, please speak to a member of staff at the information point. 

16.There are no refunds for cancellations. 

17. Site entry fees apply for the duration of your visit.

18. High Lodge barbecues are not available over concert weekends and during some other events held onsite. Details posted on the website: