Managing forests

Conifer seedlings growing in trays

Forests for now and the future

Forests are vital for life and provide many benefits, including a renewable source of wood. With sustainability at the heart, careful planning and expert management ensures the nation's forests will continue to thrive in our future climate. Explore how our forests flourish throughout their journey, from healthy seedlings to quality, homegrown timber.

Forest lifecycle

Woman standing with spade next to a log pile

Well-managed forests can last forever. Find out how we look after the nation’s forests, sustainably for the future.

Wide shot of lots of conifer seedlings germinating in trays

Trees start life as tiny seedlings. Learn more about how we're growing our future forests.

woman measuring timber with a tape measure next to a log pile

Nearly half of all timber grown in England comes from the forests we care for.

Harvester felling trees in the distance on frosty ground

We can’t survive without trees and we need to plant more. So why do we cut some down?

Climate and future forests

Tree canopy with blue skies

Discover how we are working to protect the nation's forests against the impact of a changing climate.

broadleaf and conifer leaves

Find out how we're increasing diversity in the nation’s forests and planning forests with the future climate in mind.

Sence Valley from the air

Learn more about our approach to planting new woodland and how we plan to grow the nation's forests.

Photo shows someone holding two ash leaves. The one of the left has seven green leaflets that form the overall leaf. The one on the right is a similar form leaf but is brown and wilted, which is a clear indication of ash dieback disease.

Discover how we're safeguarding trees from pests and diseases and protecting their future.