Veteran oak trees in leaf


We care for a patchwork of different habitats across the nation's forests. But did you know not all of it is trees? Almost a fifth is open habitat such as heathland and peatland. We also look after some of England’s most important ancient woodlands and oldest trees. Find out about the rich, diverse and connected habitats being protected and improved by our expert, sustainable management.

A mushroom in the leaf litter

National Nature Reserves

National Nature Reserves are such important habitats that they're protected by Natural England. Find out more about the reserves in our care and what makes them special.
Open landscape at Bellever Forest

Open habitat management

Forests are not just all trees. Find out why open areas are such an important feature in our landscapes.
Trunk of large old oak tree with gnarled bark

Veteran trees

Find out how we protect the oldest trees across the nation's forests, many over 500 years old.
Sundew plant pictured in a boggy habitat

Restoring peatlands

Find out why peatland habitat is so important for climate and biodiversity, and why we're helping to restore them.