Growing new woodlands

aerial view of a growing forest and river

Growing the nation's forests

We look after more land and more trees than any other organisation in the country. Over the last century, woodland cover has doubled in England and we have planted over one billion trees for the benefits of nature, people and the economy. 

We are committed to growing the nation’s forests by creating new woodlands, either by working with partners on leasehold land or on land we acquire the freehold of. Forests planted on new freehold sites between April 2023 and May 2025 will be known as Coronation Woods to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.

Discover the benefits of planting new forests below, and where you can find our newest woodlands.

Tree canopy with blue skies

Planting to help the environment

The world is facing a climate crisis and we urgently need to create new forests to lock up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees, soil and leaf litter in the nation’s forests currently store millions of tonnes of carbon and planting new areas of forest means this figure can continue to grow.

As well as storing carbon, new forests benefit habitats for wildlife, provide natural flood management, offer a source of sustainable wood and improve the health and wellbeing of forest visitors. We use a natural capital approach to balance these benefits.

How we create new woodlands

When creating a new forest, we look carefully at site conditions such as soil, landscape and accessibility, to help us decide what trees to plant and where. We also consider future climate conditions to give new trees the best chance of thriving.

We work with local communities, partners and experts to make sure any new forests can provide the best, most sustainable balance for people, nature and the economy. Our forest plans help people have a say about how we manage woodlands now and aim to manage in the future.

Two people wearing green Forestry England uniform outside holding a sapling.

Become involved in creating new woodlands

If you're a landowner, you can partner with us for woodland creation projects that benefit you, your local communities and the wider environment. Find out more via the button below.

Discover our newest woodlands

Sleetbeck wood site

Find out more about this new woodland, which will cover 63 hectares near Longtown in Cumbria.

Sun breaking through clouds over a forest in the background with grass and fence in the foreground

New woodland at Lower Lye will cover 21 hectares and will connect with Bucknell Wood in Shropshire, an existing Forestry England site.

12 spades dug into the ground in front of a Forestry England branded vehicle

Discover more about how the 40-hectare Hondslough Wood will expand Delamere Forest.

Close up of wellies planting a tree in the forest
Rutland and Lincolnshire

Clipsham Coronation Wood will become a new multi-purpose woodland on 220 hectares straddling the border between Rutland and Lincolnshire.

A group of five adults at a tree planting event, one kneeling, one with a spade and one holding a tree sapling in protective material.

Find out about Wing Wood, a 51 hectare site being created to capture carbon, benefit habitats and welcome people.

York Community Woodland - a visualisation

Find out about the new community woodland being created in York, with 78 hectares of new planting.

Man planting a tree with a spade

Learn more about the sustainable and resilient woodland newly created at Sence Valley.

Rusky Knowe - view over Kielder water

Discover 100 hectares of new woodland in Kielder Forest, supported by the Woodland Carbon Fund.

View of fields at Pleasant Forest soon to become new woodland

Find out the latest news from Pleasant Forest, where a new multi-purpose woodland in being created.

People planting something in a field

Learn more about the new 100 hectare community woodland in Essex, being created in partnership National Highways.