Hobby bird sitting in a conifer tree
Hobby (c) Simon Bound


From magnificent birds soaring above the trees, to tiny ants making nests below them, every creature is a part of the forest. We provide more than a quarter of a million hectares of wildlife habitat, where over half of England's rarest species can be found. Meet some of the wildlife that makes forests special places to enjoy, and discover key projects helping nature to thrive across our landscapes.

Two tawny owl chicks being measured and weighed

Protecting wildlife

Discover the work we do to make sure that wildlife continues to thrive in our care.
Close up of white-tailed eagle in flight

Wildlife reintroductions

Find out why and how we undertake wildlife reintroduction projects.

Key reintroductions

beaver in the water

Find out about these ecosystem engineers, now beginning to return the nation's forests.

Pine marten standing on tree stump looking right

Discover the pine marten, an elusive and rare mammal related to otters, badgers and weasels.

A white-tailed eagle soaring through the blue sky

Also known as the sea eagle, this large and impressive bird of prey is the rarest in the UK.

Wildlife projects

Fluffy chick nesting on the ground

Not all birds build nests in trees. Meet some who nest on the ground, and discover how to protect them.

Osprey catching fish

Learn more about the increasing osprey population.

close up of Goshawk sat on its nest

Learn about the 'phantom of the forest'.

Four fluffy hen harrier chicks sat in a nest

Learn about the hen harrier, one of the country's most at-risk birds of prey.

Forest wildlife to spot

Peacock butterfly on buddleja at Bedgebury National Pinetum

From the marsh fritillary to the speckled wood, discover woodland butterflies.


Forests teem with insect life. Learn more about the species living there.

Red deer stag stood in bracken

Learn about the tracks and signs that show deer are all around you in the forest.