Forests for wellbeing

Woman standing in woodland at sunset

Connect with the nation's forests

Forests are an ideal setting to take some time for your wellbeing. We’ve got lots of ways you can boost your own mental health and support others to find an activity they can benefit from, from wellbeing trails to group support sessions.

Feel good in the forest2

Be supported to feel good

Our growing Feel Good in the Forest programme supports people with mild-to-moderate health conditions to improve their wellbeing.
A young, smiling girl being carried on the shoulders of a man, walking along a forest path

Why are forests good for health and wellbeing?

Trees lead to better human health and there’s strong evidence to back this statement up.
An older man and two older women smiling at each other and hugging a large tree trunk

Your community stories

Find out how other people are experiencing the wellbeing benefits of forests.
Two women walking towards trees in the forest

Find your connection with the forest

Discover your own forest moment or join others to explore, try new things and have fun in the nation's forests.

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