Bin-free at Thetford Forest

Frequently asked questions

Updated 15th September 2022

Why are bins no longer provided at sites within Thetford Forest?

From October 2022 bins will no longer be provided within Thetford Forest. This is in line with Forestry England's environmental policy of creating less waste, reducing our reliance on energy and fossil fuels, and taking a ‘whole life cycle’ approach to developing new opportunities.

These new opportunities will see Thetford Forest redeploying resources from managing other people’s litter to investing in expanding people’s experiences of accessing green space.

What should visitors now do with their waste?

Visitors will be expected to manage their own litter and take it back home with them.

What will the money saved be used for?

We will be redeploying the financial savings from bin collections into managing and expanding our offer within the nation's forests.

How can we support Forestry England in being bin-free?

Help keep the nation's forests looking beautiful and protect wildlife by taking your litter home with you. You can also volunteer with the Friends of Thetford Forest and support their work in protecting this special place.