Delamere redevelopment project

Updated 7th May 2019

Improving our forest’s facilities for our visitors

Delamere is the UK’s second busiest forest with around 750,000 visitors annually. The multimillion pound Delamere Forest plan will create a new visitor hub and gateway to the forest. Key features of the plan will be:

• A new visitor welcome area with a larger café

• Improved toilet facilities

• Significant landscaping improvements

• New and improved trails and bridleways

• A multi-use health and well-being trail

• A new visitor hub car park and improved overflow parking

• 67 Forest Holidays cabins

Forestry England have partnered with Forest Holidays to create this sustainable vision for Delamere Forest. This will benefit all the forest’s visitors with improved facilities and will create new experiences for people wishing to enjoy a peaceful getaway in the forest.

The work on the new visitor hub and at the Forest Holidays location is due to begin in 2019 and we’ll update this page regularly. We will also answer frequently asked questions about the project here

Introducing Forest Holidays

Forest Holidays is one of many commercial partners we work with, providing a reliable and long-term income stream and supporting Forestry England in delivering environmental, social and economic benefits.

Created by the Forestry Commission over forty years ago, Forest Holidays remains a partner to this day and successfully operates in ten locations across the UK including five in National Parks, bringing widespread benefits to local economies. Forest Holidays creates authentic experiences in Britain’s amazing forests, connecting people, nature and local communities and offers eco-sensitive cabins designed to sit in harmony with their environment. These peaceful getaways encourage a low key visitor experience, promoting surrounding attractions, restaurants, cafes and shops.

There is a long term commitment by Forest Holidays to support the management of trails and the woodland environment around their locations. The cabins also generate an annual revenue for Forestry England, helping to support the sustainability of the vision for Delamere Forest into the future.

Frequently asked questions