Suitable March - November

Updated 24th September 2018

Learning outcomes

  • Gain inspiration for the development of ideas by observing the historical picturesque landscape design of the arboretum.
  • Suggest ways in which ideas and intentions have been communicated by the arboretum's creator through the visual and tactile qualities of the living landscape.
  • Explore the characteristics, properties and effects of using three different methods of representing landscape design - through photography, sketching and model making.


Photographing the picturesque - after a discussion about the design principles used in the creation and planting of the picturesque landscape, students are challenged to capture this through a series of photographs.

Quick sketching - taken to three different locations, students are invited to spend only five minutes at each to quickly sketch the key visual elements.

Landscape modelling - using the natural materials around them, make a 3D representation the picturesque landscape.