Forestry operations at Mortimer Forest

Updated 9th February 2023

Mortimer Forest is a working woodland producing sustainable timber. We will be continuing harvesting operations in the area known as Lower Evens, between the Mortimer Forest Office and Mary Knoll Valley over the next 3-4 months.

Stay safe

Please follow all safety signage, closure information, diversions and instructions from operators. Please look out for moving vehicles and follow any instructions from the driver. Do not climb on stacked timber. A log can weigh up to a tonne and rolling logs can kill. Stacks are carefully made and may look stable but, if a log comes loose, others are likely to follow. 

What is happening?

We will be thinning out the woodland by removing some of the trees to allow more space and light for the remaining trees to grow.

Can I still visit Mortimer Forest?

The most important thing for Forestry England is to keep the public, our staff, and contractors safe. Mortimer Forest is open to visit but there will be some access restrictions during weekdays only, trails are open on the weekends.

The Whitcliffe Loop from the Whitcliffe Car Park be closed for an expected 2-3 months Mondays to Fridays, but open on weekends. The Climbing Jack Trail and Mortimer Trail will have diversions in place. 

Trails and public rights of way will have banksmen in place when required, please wait for instructions to pass if this is the case.

What about the wildlife?

Harvesting trees is an important part of sustainable forest management and well managed forests support more wildlife. Before we start any forestry work, we carry out thorough ecological surveys to check for species such as birds, mammals, rodents, invertebrates, flora, and fungi. This enables us to identify ecological constraints such as the presence of European Protected Species and Schedule 1 protected birds, which affect the time of year when certain operations can be carried out.

We consider our findings against complex factors including tree health, how the ground slopes, soil condition, and likely rainfall when planning forestry work. While working, we continue to check for wildlife and adapt, pause, or suspend work if necessary.

Where can I find out more?

You can read our full management plan for Mortimer Forest in the Mortimer Forest Plan. If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Map showing acces restrictions for Mortimer Forest during harvesting