A gift in your will | FAQs for solicitors and executors

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FAQs for solicitors and executors

Here we’ve provided answers to common questions asked by solicitors and executors. If you’re administering a will and can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at giving@forestryengland.uk

Do you accept gifts in wills?

Yes, we do. Although we are a public body, we receive limited public funding and generate most of our revenue ourselves. 

What details do I need to include in a will?

You just need to include our name and address:

Forestry England, 620 Bristol Business Park, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1EJ

Along with details of the legacy gift someone has chosen to leave us.

Where do I send a legacy payment?

We are able to accept legacy payments by cheque and via BACS transfer. Please contact legacies@forestryengland.uk for all the information you need.

When making a legacy payment, we’d be grateful if you can also tell us:

  • the full name and last address of the legator
  • the executor’s name and contact details
  • the date of the will
  • the type and value of the legacy
  • any other information about the reason for the legacy or the legacy itself