Harvesting operations at Delamere Forest

Updated 14th September 2023

This Autumn we will be cutting down a lot of trees at Delamere Forest as part of our timber harvesting work. This is part of our Forest Management Plan and all our work is independently certified, meeting both the national and international standards of sustainable forestry. These areas will be replanted, with many of the new trees coming from the Forestry England nursery just down the road from Delamere Forest in Lobslack.

Trees have been planted, grown and felled at Delamere Forest as a source of sustainably grown timber for nearly 100 years. The trees that we are cutting down now were planted between 1949 and 1999 so they are fully grown and it is time to harvest the valuable timber. Forestry is a long-term commitment and our foresters plan and work over decades. Other areas of the forest were planted at different times so will be harvested at different times. This cycle will continue and means Delamere Forest is a patchwork of different habitats at different stages of the forest’s lifecycle.

When the work is underway, please make sure you follow all safety signage and any diversions or trail closures that are in place. Tree harvesting machinery can be dangerous and keeping our staff and visitors safe is our number one priority.