Health and safety policy

Health and safety policy

Updated 3rd September 2018

We are committed to managing health and safety effectively across the whole organisation.

Our Executive Board provides leadership on Health and Safety. Looking after the health and safety of the people who work for us and those who visit our estate is at the heart of our values.

We manage health and safety by:

  • clearly defining responsibilities and standards for health and safety

  • locally delivering our health and safety policy

  • promoting understanding of and complying with relevant legislation

  • providing resources and support

  • sharing information and good practice and celebrating success

  • putting systems in place to monitor and review our progress

The Health and Safety Strategy Group regularly reviews and monitor safety performance and report to the Forestry Commission Executive Board.

Each Country, Forest Research and Shared Services (including our Corporate and Forestry Support division) has a Health and Safety Policy and a Health and Safety Committee. Managers within these areas are responsible for ensuring this policy is put into practice day-to-day. 

The relevant Executive Boards and Management Boards are responsible for ensuring:

• health and safety policy and procedures are readily available to all staff

• risks to health and safety are identified, assessed and appropriately managed

• effective communication and consultation with employees and other relevant stakeholders on health and safety matters

• appropriate training and other resources are available

• periodic audits are carried out

All employees are expected to:

• take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others

• understand how the health and safety policies and procedures apply to them and their areas of work

• co-operate with the Forestry Commission to deliver the management of health and safety

• report any accidents or near misses