Student filming for coursework

Student filming for coursework using Forestry England woodlands

Updated 18th April 2023

Thank you for contacting Forestry England South District regarding a filming permission request.

We do allocate specific woodlands for student filming. However, due to temporary staff shortages, we are currently unable to accept applications for filming from students or permit filming at our sites.

For locations in South East Surrey only, Waverley Borough Council may be able to provide alternative locations and can be contacted via

We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but we look forward resuming our student filming, permission service as soon as we are able to.

Should you have any future filming requests beyond this summertime, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Southern Permissions Team

The King’s House

Forestry England

The New Forest and Bourne Wood is not currently available for student filming