Working in a Tree Collection - careers in the land and environment sector, GCSE

Tree collection programme aimed at GCSE, available at Westonbirt Arboretum

Updated 16th May 2023

Suitable for GCSE students, March - November

Key concepts

Conservation, propagation, tourism, business management.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the workplace and roles within it.
  • Be aware of the impact of regulations on the work of the arboretum.
  • Be aware of the effect of the arboretum's work on society.
  • Understand some of the scientific work involved in managing a tree collection.


Introduction - a talk that explores Westonbirt's history, management and visitor groups.

Staff structure - students discuss and map out a staff structure relevant to Westonbirt and explore any differences between their ideas and Westonbirt's organogram.

Propagation tour - a behind-the-scenes tour of our propagation unit, considering the role of propagator / horticulturist.

Tree management - a selection of short activities that invite the students to voice their opinions and ideas about managing visitor impacts and conflict, discover more about the scientific investigations involved in a range of tree management roles and write a risk assessment for our arborists.

The right person - who would you employ?  Using CVs and job descriptions, students step into the role of HR and 'appoint' the right person for different jobs.