Biosecurity advice for forest visitors

Help us stop the spread of pests and diseases

Updated 19th April 2024

Our forests are at risk from pests and diseases. They can spread rapidly and have a devastating impact on our landscapes.

Biosecurity is the set of precautions we take to stop the spread in our forests. We're protecting woodlands and keeping our trees healthy, but we need your help. 

Keep it clean

Plant diseases can live in mud and water. Here are some simple steps you can take to help limit their spread when you visit woodlands, parks and gardens by washing bikes, boots and buggies.


After cycling through our green spaces, washing the mud from your bike between rides can help limit the spread of plant disease between places.


If you brush the mud and leaves from your boots between visits to different parks, gardens and woodlands you can limit the spread of plant diseases between different places.


By brushing the mud from your buggies and boots between woodland play sessions, you can limit the spread of tree disease.


Looking for more information?

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