Sneverdale Rigg Rabbit Run at Dalby Forest

A steady sloped loop through the forest

A pleasant walk from nearby the Visitor Centre. This trail has a steady incline upwards with a with a chance to see deer at the viewpoint.

The walk passes by a ‘rabbit type’, an important part of Dalby’s history when rabbits were farmed for fur. Ask our staff in the Visitor Centre more about our history.

Trail information

Dalby Forest, Dalby Forest Visitors Centre, Low Dalby, Thornton-Le-Dale, Pickering, YO18 7LT
Follow the green markers. Some steep slopes along the route. Trail maps are available to buy from the visitor centre.
Grade - Moderate
Is this trail for you?
The first section of trail follows a gravel track on a steady incline. The section that follows has some steeper areas with more forest floor underfoot. The final section is a steady decline into Seivedale car park
Trail Length
3.2km (2 miles)