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Bourne Wood is a premier woodland film location in the UK. This is due to its close proximity to London film studios, the feeling of isolation from the 21st century, and the excellent access and facilities on site. 

Since the opening sequence of Gladiator was shot here in 1999, Bourne Wood has played a leading role in a series of internationally-renowned films including War Horse and Robin Hood, as well as adverts and TV series. This illustrates the strategic importance of the site to the UK film industry and we look forward to working with production companies on exciting filming projects in the future.

Past filming facts

  • The first big budget movie to film in Bourne Wood was Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott in 1999.
  • Since 1999 numerous films, commercials, TV programmes and music videos have been filmed in Bourne Wood. These have recently included Robin Hood, Snow White and the Huntsman, War Horse, Transformers 5 and Jurassic World plus adverts for Halfords and Giff Gaff!