Forest 100: a year in the life - people's playground

People's playground is an online exhibition featuring the photographs of Scarborough-based editorial photographer Tony Bartholomew

The exhibition was part of the Forest 100 - a year in the life project, created for the Forestry England centenary.

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Frost covered moss on forest floor with lines of trees in the distance

Though clearly planted with timber production in mind, the forest appears as a changing landscape throughout the seasons.

Man stood staring at the ground holding a wooden tool within stone wall maze

Some of the people working for and with Forestry England in North Yorkshire’s forests.

Small bird flying out of hands with wings spread

From butterflies to funghi, the flora, fauna and ecology of the forests can be seen here.

Snow topped tree branches surrounding snow dusted forest path

We haven’t had a really hard winter in the forests for a year or two, but when we did get a decent layer of snow, it combined with crisp winter light to make for a good day’s...