The Lumberjills Story Exhibition at Dalby Forest

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Events at Dalby Forest - Courtyard Exhibition Space, Low Dalby

Women in Forestry, The Lumberjills Story

Step back in time and discover the unsung heroines of World War II with our fascinating exhibition, "Women in Forestry: The Lumberjills Story". Delve into the remarkable journey of the Lumberjills, a courageous group of women who defied convention and transformed the landscape of forestry during one of history's most tumultuous periods.

As Britain faced the dire need for timber amidst the chaos of war, the Lumberjills emerged as beacons of strength and resilience. With their axes and saws in hand, these trailblazing women stepped forward to fill the void left by conscripted men, shattering gender stereotypes with every tree they felled. Their contributions were nothing short of monumental, supplying crucial timber used in railways, mining, aircraft, and even gas mask filters. Yet, their story has remained largely forgotten, overshadowed by the more well-known tales of the Women's Land Army.

But now, through our special exhibition, we aim to bring their legacy back to life. Featuring captivating photographs and anecdotes, we honor the bravery and dedication of these extraordinary women who played a pivotal role in shaping history.

In a groundbreaking celebration of women in forestry, we proudly present a unique photo mosaic crafted by The People's Picture. Comprising over 2000 images submitted by women currently working in forestry and those from the past, this mosaic forms a stunning portrayal of a Lumberjill, symbolizing the enduring connection between past and present. The Lumberjill portrayed is Kathleen Houghton, who defied all odds by joining the Women's Timber Corps as a lorry driver, despite never having driven a car before. Her story is just one of many that epitomize the spirit of resilience and determination that defined the Lumberjills.

Join us on a journey through history as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Women's Timber Corps and their enduring impact on the forestry industry. Don't miss this opportunity to pay homage to the unsung heroes who paved the way for women in forestry then, now, and for generations to come.

Where and When

The Courtyard Exhibition Space
23 March until 30 June 2024
8am to 4pm every day

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Entry to the exhibition is free and no booking is required