Weekly Walks in the Woods - For physical and mental health

Event details

Events at Haldon Forest Park - Assemble in front of the Visitor Information Pod ready to go at 1030am

Free weekly walks guided by experienced coaches aimed at nurturing physical and mental health, while spending time in the beautiful forests of Haldon Forest Park.

  Would you like to join us for a free weekly walk? 

Come join Helen and Ranger Jon each Monday at 10:30am for a gentle walk in the woods!
Occasionally we are joined by guest speakers or guides for themed walks too on subjects such as forestry, mindfulness and fossils.

We offer these free walks to help support visitors who are looking to improve their health and fitness or for anyone feeling isolated who would like to meet new people.

The walks will last approximately an hour each and include hills (though we can take our time and there are plenty of views to enjoy).

The distance and difficulty of each walk will be pitched at the lowest ability of those attending that week, please don't be discouraged to attend if you think you will be the slowest - it really doesn't matter! It's all about being outside in good company getting some exercise :)

These walks are free of charge as they are supported by Forestry England's "Active Forest" campaign.


Off-road mobility vehicles "Trampers" can be hired from the Countryside Mobility Scheme for these sessions if required - please arrange this in advance with the Rangers haldon.rangers@forestryengland.uk 0300 067 5826.

For any questions please email jon.waller@forestryengland.uk

For issues on the day please call or WhatsApp Jon on 07775407509