Family Friendly Fungi Workshop & Foray

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Want to know more about the fantastic world of fungi? Would you like to meet some of the most wonderful, wildest and weirdest fungi on the planet?

Ali McKernan (aka The Fungi Guy) will be leading this family friendly session to share some wonderful learning about these mysterious mushrooms and friends. We'll kick things off in the event room with an interactive workshop introducing the basics of all things fungi through models, activities and games. Then its off and into the woods on a fungi foray to see what we can find and put some of that learning into practice. 

Ali uses his skills as a primary school teacher and energetic Youtuber to provide a fun, friendly and very much hands on fungi experience designed for kids and adults to enjoy together. Please note that this workshop is for children and their family to enjoy, if you are interested in an adult only event please see our Adult Fantastic Fungi Event taking place 23rd September 2023. 

Age Suitability: 5 years +

Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Cost: £16.50 per person (adults and children)