Forest Find

A man using the iNaturalist app

Forest Find

From birds and butterflies to insects and plant life on the forest floor, wildlife records help us protect habitats, now and in the future.

Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or enthusiast amateur it's easy to take part, start recording wildlife on your next visit.

Record wildlife to add to national records

These records will increase and improve over time, helping us to care for forest wildlife for generations to come.

  • download the free iNaturalist app before you visit your local forest.
  • use the app to take and upload photos of animal and plant life you discover.
  • get species suggestions from naturalists in the app.
  • keep recording on every forest visit.


iNaturalist is an independent third party application. Please check their full privacy policy and terms of service before signing up. 

You can create records in the forest without 4G or Wi-Fi. 



What happens to my photos in the app?

Once you have uploaded your photos it becomes an observation and our staff, volunteers specialists and online members in the iNaturalist community can begin verifying and giving feedback on your species suggestions.

By using the iNaturalist platform we are ensuring the results are accessible to biodiversity record centres, project partners, the public, and of course our own specialist teams. 

iNaturalist is an independent third party application. Please check their full privacy policy and terms of service before signing up. 

Why does my observation need to be verified?

Species verification improves the data quality of your observation. When observations become verified, these records will be used to update national biodiversity data.