Forest Live Pre-sales

What is a Pre-sale?

A pre-sale is an opportunity to buy tickets ahead of them going on sale to the general public.

Forestry England Members who have opted in to receive marketing emails will be sent an email when a pre-sale is available, giving the chance to buy tickets 48 hours before general sales start.   

Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum Members will receive a similar email directly from the Friends, offering the chance to buy tickets 48 hours before general sales, subject to email opt-in. 

Forest Live database subscribers (who are not members), will be sent an email when a pre-sale is available, giving the chance to buy tickets 24 hours before general sales start

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased online only via the special link provided in the notifying email, they cannot be purchased from the standard Forestry England ticketing page or by telephone. Customers with accessibility needs can read our Access Statement for further information or call us on 0300 068 0400.

Check in advance that you can log in to your account

When you previously bought your Membership or tickets from us, a customer account was created for you on our website.

To speed up your purchase we strongly recommend to check that you can log in to your account in advance of tickets going on sale and if necessary reset your password.

If you are a Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum member, or database subscriber who has not purchased from us before you may need to create a new account.

Pre-sale Terms and Conditions

1. A 48 hour pre-sale is a membership benefit offer to current National Members and current Local members of the specific forest where the concert is taking place. Friends of Westonbirt are included for Westonbirt concerts.  

2. A 24 hour pre-sale is offered to Forest Live database subscribers.

3. As notification is provided by email only, this is only available to those meeting the criteria above and who have provided an email address and have agreed to receive marketing emails.

4. Pre-sale tickets can only be purchased online by following the instructions in the email.  Pre-sale tickets are not available by phone. Customers with accessibility needs can read our Access Statement  for further information or call us on 0300 068 0400.

5. Access to a pre-sale is no guarantee of ticket availability.  A limited number of tickets are offered for pre-sale with further tickets being available under the general sale.

6. Pre-sales are offered in agreement with the Artist and we may not be able to offer this for every Artist. 

7. Pre-sale tickets are sold at full face value with the standard booking fee, as advertised (no discount applied). Our Access Statement does apply.

8. Standard Forest Live terms and conditions  apply to all ticket purchases.

9. Forestry England reserve the right to change or remove this offer at any time.