Market Rasen Woodlands forest plan

Market Rasen Woodlands forest plan

About the plan

This Forest Plan summarises proposals by Forestry England for the management of the Market Rasen Woodlands in West Lindsey, Lincolnshire. The Market Rasen Woodlands Forest Plan area totals 960.1ha and comprises the woods of Osgodby (69.8ha), Usselby (22.6ha), Middle Rasen (56ha), Walesby Moor (105.5ha), Walesby (91.9ha), Willingham (284.9ha), Dog Kennel (158.3ha), Legsby (129.8ha), Eleanor (15.3ha) and Lynwode (26ha).

The Market Rasen Woodlands sit within the Central Lincolnshire Vale National Character Area which is characterised by a tranquil, rural and sparsely settled landscape, largely used for the growing of arable crops; predominantly cereals. Landform in the local landscape is low-lying and gently undulating, with the elevation of the woods ranging from 24m in Osgodby to a high point of 62m at the summit of Hamilton Hill in Willingham Wood. The woodlands are prominent in the wider landscape only when viewed from the Lincolnshire Wolds National Landscape. Locally the woods are visible from public roads and the villages of Walesby and Tealby.

The forests themselves are predominantly coniferous and broadleaved secondary woodland, with the southern woods of Legsby, Eleanor and Lynwode being Ancient Woodland featuring both Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) and Ancient and Semi-Natural Woodland.

Objectives of the plan

The primary management objectives for the Market Rasen Woodlands FP are to:

  • Sustainably grow commercial timber to maximise yields and prioritise timber quality, using species and systems resilient to the impacts of pests, diseases and climate change.
  • Ensure stands are more structurally diverse, actively managing the woodland to promote age- and species-diversity.
  • Continue the restoration of PAWS through the gradual reduction of exotic species.
  • Maintain and improve riparian areas, open areas and woodland edge habitats for the benefit of wildlife.
  • Conserve the ecological and heritage features.
  • Maintain public access throughout the woodlands.

What we'll do

The current plan outlines the management proposals for the Market Rasen Woodlands over the next 50 years. Felling is approved for the 10 year Forest Plan period until 21st June 2034. In addition to the below felling summary, thinning assessments will be made every 5 years and thinning operations scheduled accordingly.

Regeneration felling (LISS)Up to 22.3haUp to 108.9haUp to 131.2ha

A more detailed outline of the forest structure and planned operations can be seen in the full Bourne Woodlands Forest Plan document.