Forestry operations at Davidstow Woods

Updated 28th October 2020

Davidstow Wood is a working woodland producing sustainable timber. We have recently completed tree felling here and are now working to ‘re-wet’ an area of the wood adjacent to Crowdy Reservoir.

What is happening?

The section of woodland next to Crowdy Reservoir and the marsh has recently been cleared of trees. This area is very wet, with water pooling in ditches all year round. We are carrying out landscaping work to help this water spread across the area, which will create improved habitat for plants, invertebrates, and potentially birds. We hope that this will complement the surrounding habitat.

Can I still visit Davidstow Wood?

The most important thing for Forestry England is to keep the public, our staff, and contractors safe. The wood is still open for you to visit, but please read and follow all signs at all times. These are for your safety, whether or not you can see or hear us working. This will help us to finish working as quickly as possible.

What about the wildlife?

We carried out thorough ecological surveys at Davidstow before the trees were felled. The current work is being done outside the bird nesting season to minimise any disturbance. We will continue to check for wildlife while working and will adapt, pause or suspend work if we find any animal that must be protected.

Where can I find out more?

You can read our full management plan for Davidstow Wood in the Bodmin Forest Plan.